About This Site - Iambic Pentameter

I built this to remind me!

As I was learning to read sheet music, play the guitar and study poetry in collage, I kept coming across the whole idea of pentameters.

The problem is, I'd always get confused and need to go back and look at what they were. So instead of doing a search everytime, I just created this quick site to help me find my own information as quickly as possible.

It's helped me to understand and even dabble with pantameters. And I hope it can help you too. That's why I decided to just leave it up.

If there's some information you'd like to add, or correct anything I may have made a mistake explaining, please feel free to use the Contact form to let me know.

And questions are welcome too. I'll hep as much as I can, promise!

Got a question? Please contact me.

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